For the first time in human history a dinosaur fossil is presenting us with the opportunity to see what a living dinosaur looked like. In 2001 a field research team unearthed the world’s most complete dinosaur fossil, a Brachylophosaurus nicknamed Leonardo. This incredible dinosaur has all of its skin covering its body, missing only a bit on the head and tail. Leonardo has more soft tissue preserved than any other dinosaur fossil, and may even have some of its internal organs. The subject of intensive scientific study, the world is about to discover more about dinosaurs than ever before! More information can be found at www.dinosaurmummy.org, along with the story of his discovery.



Leonardo In Montana

The most amazing paleontological discovery of the last century is on display at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta, Montana. MORE . . .


Dinosaur Apocalypse:

A Climate Change Story

The study of Leonardo, the mummy dinosaur has led beyond this single dinosaur for some in the science team. Learn how the study of Leonardo has helped create an understanding of how Climate Change events shaped Leo's preshistoric world and continue to shape our modern world MORE . . .





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